The state of Utah plans to implement an earthquake alert system for your phone


The state plans to implement an AMBER Alert-like system to alert Utah residents when an earthquake is en route. The Utah Geological Survey has launched a study to see if it is possible to build along the densely populated Wasatch Fault. The system would rely on state seismographic networks and be able to provide information in seconds to minutes. The most recent stories from “When we experience an earthquake, there are actually different types of waves,” explains the narrator. Some of them are more harmful than others.

Keach said the system is being used in Japan and some western states are considering using it as well. The Utah State Legislature has funded approximately $150,000 to determine if it is possible to implement the early warning system. Utah was rocked by the 5.7 Magna earthquake two years ago. Keach told FOX 13 News that since then they have recorded about 3,000 small aftershocks tied to the same fault line. In the event of an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 or greater, the Utah Division of Emergency Management has predicted over 2,000 deaths and at least $30 billion in damages from the initial earthquake. The Great Utah ShakeOut, a statewide earthquake preparedness exercise, is scheduled for April 21.

The first wave that comes in is the least damaging of all,” said Bill Keach, the state geologist. “So if we can detect this first wave? Then we can calculate it, we have the right equipment and the right sensors and send an immediate warning before longer and more damaging waves. Notices could be automatically sent to telephones or to e-mail forums. Even a small warning could help shut down utilities or mass transit systems to prevent more catastrophic damage.

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  • The state of Utah plans to implement an earthquake alert system for your phone
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