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Prior to an earthquake

Your home should be constructed according to suggested building codes. Consult your local disaster management office for details.

• Bolt furniture hot water tank gas storage units and cylinders to the floor or wall.

* Put heavier and larger items on shelves lower.

* Emergency supplies like canned food, medicines flashlights, batteries operated radios, extinguishers for fire as well as an emergency kit must be readily accessible and working in a safe manner.

Every family member must be aware of this emergency equipment and be aware of how to turn off gas, electricity, and water with main switches and safety valves.

Every family member must be aware of what to do in the event of an earthquake and should follow these safety guidelines during routine training.

In the event of an earthquake

Be cool. Do not panic. Stay alert.

* If you are inside, remain in the building, and do not get out of the building.

If you’re inside then stand in a solid entranceway or sit beneath a sturdy desk bed or table and secure yourself. Avoid using staircases, elevators or lifts. Avoid windows and mirrors, glass doors, mirrors and bookcases. Also, avoid paintings as well as hanging plants and other heavy objects.

If you’re outside and there aren’t any obvious warning signs in the vicinity you, remain in the area.

If you’re outdoors avoid glass structures bridges, utility poles and utility poles.

* If you are driving the vehicle, don’t make a stop under or on a bridge.

Be on the lookout for bricks falling from the ceiling, fallen plaster, lighting fixtures, and other items.

If stuck under debris

* Never ignite an open match.

Do not move about or stir dust.

Protect your mouth by covering it with towel or a piece of clothing.

Tap on a wall or pipe so that rescuers can find you. Make use of a whistle if there’s one available. Use it only in the last instance. Shouting could cause you to breathe dangerous levels of dust.

Following an earthquake


Check for damaged gas lines or fires.

Check your utilities and turn off the power if needed.

Make sure to inspect your home for any serious damage, and then evacuate when the home is at risk of collapse.

Be prepared for the possibility of more earthquakes (aftershocks).

Beware of areas that are susceptible to landslides.

* Switch to the radio on transistor to receive emergencies and information.

If you are able, go to for updates on their website. Seismic Research Centre at for the latest information on the earthquake.

What not to do

* Never ignite a match or switch on the switch to turn on a light. Instead, you should use the flashlight.

Don’t touch downed power lines.

* Don’t go on a sightseeing tour. Be sure to leave the streets clear for emergency vehicles and rescue vehicles.

* Never attempt to move severely injured patients without a risk of injury.

What is what is the “triangle in life”?

This is a popular idea that suggests that in the event of an earthquake it is better to lie down next to an office or bed instead of stepping beneath it. We do not suggest this method due to these reasons

* The triangular theory of life cannot be a science validated theory.

* It’s not clear whether, in the event of an earthquake, the triangles of life – areas adjacent to beds, desks and so on. They are affected in a manner which could result in them becoming dangerous zones.

*In the Eastern Caribbean, a “mix” or collapse of buildings that could cause a suffocation of the occupants, according to the “triangle of life” is not to be expected.

Scientists suggest that the safety measures listed here be utilized to safeguard you from the consequences of earthquakes that occur that occur in the Eastern Caribbean. (NN)


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