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A $ 1.2 million seismic modernization project at Brookings Town Hall is expected to begin within the next few weeks.

The project will include the reinforcement of the diaphragms of the walls and roofs of the police and fire departments of the town hall.

It also includes the establishment of a separation joint between the administrative wing, which includes the water, finance, town hall and public works planning services, and the police wings and fire.

Brookings City manager Janell Howard said the work was essential to ensure police and firefighters can respond to calls during a major earthquake.

“The building will be seismically sound,” Howard said. “Therefore, the police and firefighters will be able to intervene in an emergency. “

Howard said during construction no police equipment will be moved. However, some non-critical fire equipment will be moved to another city-owned facility.

She said no staff will be moved while the project is underway.

“We don’t anticipate any disruptions at City Hall for the public,” Howard said.

The city is using a $ 1,287,988 seismic rehabilitation grant from Business Oregon for improvements to the police and fire departments of the city hall complex.

A local counterpart of $ 209,672 will be taken from the reserve fund for the City’s capital projects and / or from urban renewal expenses.

Howard said the city would use grant funds from Business Oregon to pay for engineering costs associated only with the seismic modernization work identified in the contract, estimated at $ 164,500.

The city selected WRK Engineering in 2017 to prepare construction documents for the project. Howard said the documents are currently under review.

Ausland Group in southern Oregon was selected as the construction contractor.

The seismic renovation does not include the increase in the slope necessary to treat the drainage of the roof of the town hall or a new roof above the administrative wing. Ausland Group estimates that additional work would cost $ 122,000.

WRK Engineering estimates the additional design work at $ 35,000.

Howard said in an April memo to Brookings City Council that the seismic modernization project would provide an opportunity to address slope and roofing issues.

The seismic project is expected to be completed in three months.

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