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Living in an 8th-floor apartment in Sharjah, Siroz said the whole episode only lasted around three seconds.

Residents of the United Arab Emirates have described seeing doors shake and clothes falling from hangers, following a deadly 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the Iranian-Iraqi border on Sunday evening.

The major earthquake hit Iran hardest and has claimed more than 330 lives so far, with dozens still trapped under the rubble. But tremors were felt as far as the United Arab Emirates following the deadly natural disaster.

“I was lying on my bed around 10 pm and the bedroom door suddenly started shaking. I had no idea what was going on,” Murtaza Siroz told the Khaleej Times.

Living in an 8th floor apartment in Sharjah, Siroz said the whole episode only lasted about three seconds, and at first he thought he was just imagining it.

“At first I thought I was dizzy, but then the clothes on the hangers started to move and so did the light on the ceiling. That’s when I realized it was was probably a tremor. “

For another Sharjah resident, Dimple Dinesh, it all happened very quickly.

“I was in my apartment when it happened. I’m on the third floor and I was on my bed with my mom. I felt my bed shake a bit but my mom said she didn’t feel anything, so I just brushed it off. “

It wasn’t until Dinesh checked the information that she realized what she was really feeling, it was the seismic tremors of the earthquake that hit Iran. “I had never felt anything like this before. It wasn’t that strong, but it was enough to feel it for a few seconds.”

Living on the 47th floor of a Business Bay-based apartment in Dubai, Vinita Sheth first said her family thought it might be a ghost.

“The light shades, the chandeliers, the curtains, basically whatever was hanging down, just started to shake and sway. We just moved into the apartment recently, so a family member joked that maybe the place was haunted, ”she told the Khaleej Times.

Then they checked the air conditioning thinking maybe the air was pumping too hard and causing the chandelier to move, but even that was turned off. “That’s when we concluded that it was most likely a tremor. We checked Facebook and found that family members in Bahrain said they were feeling tremors as well, so we checked the information and heard about the earthquake. “

Meanwhile, a senior Dubai Municipality official clarified on Monday that there had been no impact from Sunday’s earthquake on buildings in Dubai and that no alert had been issued for investigation or evacuation. .

“The epicenter of the earthquake being located 1,378 km from the emirate of Dubai, the earthquake was only felt by the inhabitants of the high altitudes and the high towers where some people felt a slight vibration that did not have no effect on people and buildings, ”Mohammed Mashroom said. , director of the investigation service of the municipality.

He said that the municipality recently launched four smart systems to monitor the impact of earthquakes on towers and also supported these systems with a smart app that monitors the vulnerability of these towers to earthquakes and we also support them. emergency and evacuation plans for these structures. .

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