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December 29, 2021

Highlights show progress in several important areas of resilience

As 2021 draws to a close, it is likely that this year will be remembered as a good year for earthquake safety. Not for what happened, but for what did not happen.

While other natural hazards have taken their toll across the country, earthquakes have been relatively calm this year. This is something to be thankful for.

Does this mean the earthquake threats are over? Certainly not.

Earthquakes remain a constant threat. Catastrophic earthquakes can strike virtually anywhere at any time. Indeed, some believe that the absence of major seismic activity is a sign that tensions are building up on the seismic faults that crisscross our region. If so, the likelihood of major earthquakes may become more and more likely.

Perhaps our greatest seismic threat is appeasement. Too many people don’t take earthquake threats seriously until it’s too late. Individuals and communities are betting their buildings, rental income, businesses and financial security on the hope that earthquakes will not destroy everything.

Instead, we need to recognize that earthquakes are our greatest natural danger and stay vigilant. The other natural disasters that have struck our country in 2021 – fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes – have shown us once again that we must act now to protect our homes, businesses, communities and our global economy by making them better. resilient to earthquake risks.

Post-earthquake renovation and engineering work was still underway on older and multi-storey apartment and commercial buildings across California in 2021, despite economic uncertainties and health concerns. For example, the City of Los Angeles announced during the year that renovations had been made to some 7,000 of the approximately 14,000 buildings that were needed to complete earthquake-resistant renovations in 2015. In addition, new ones Buildings were being constructed with improved engineering designs that can enable them to withstand earthquake tremors and resume functioning more quickly after a shock.

Optimal seismic Adapts to Covid-19

A second full year of Covid-19 has been a major challenge for many general contractors in the construction industry in 2021. The impacts of the persistent pandemic have caused many homeowners to be insecure about their income streams and postponed projects. discretionary capital improvement.

Optimum Seismic has strived to continue the essential work of building seismic renovations on apartment and commercial buildings during the year. Optimum Seismic has worked proactively to educate property owners and business leaders about the importance of making their buildings and businesses more resilient in order to avoid significant economic losses and potential earthquake liability costs. Earth.

While other companies have chosen to fire or lay off employees, Optimum Seismic has looked for a better way. The company followed national and local health and safety protocols, combined its teams to complete projects faster, worked harder to gain new clients and projects, accelerated the completion of plans engineering and quickly started construction on newer projects.

After a difficult 2021, Optimum Seismic hopes that the worst of the pandemic will pass in 2022. The last few months have shown positive business indicators. The changes made to weather the Covid 19 slowdown – to work faster and compete harder – should actually help Optimum Seismic do even better in the future.

Webinars educate business leaders on resilience

The Resilience Advantage webinar series, sponsored by Optimum Seismic, provided important information on seismic safety advancements to thousands of viewers throughout the year.

Some 70 experts in architecture, building safety, community development, engineering, government, higher education, housing, law and seismology participated in the program. They covered topics such as renovations to existing buildings, advances in new construction, resilient communities, earthquake liability, public policy initiatives and earthquake threats in California.

Key partners of Optimum Seismic in the production of the educational series for business and community leaders included: Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles County Federation of Businesses, Los Angeles County Economic Development and US Resilience Council.

The episodes of The Resilience Advantage series can be viewed at www.optimumseismic.com/the-resilience-advantage/episodes/

Optimum Seismic sponsors the US Green Building Council – LA

Become a Gold Sponsor of the US Green Building Council – LA was an important step for Optimum Seismic in its efforts to support the growing green movement in 2021.

The sponsorship reflected Optimum Seismic’s belief that sustainability and resilience to natural disasters go hand in hand. For example, experts believe there is no point in building a green structure that conserves energy and other resources if it breaks down during an earthquake and needs to be rebuilt. In fact, societies and buildings must be resilient to be considered truly sustainable.

As a USGBC-LA Gold Sponsor, Optimum Seismic will help transform the construction industry and the future of healthy, green schools, workplaces and neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside counties , San Bernardino and Ventura.

This continued involvement in the green movement reflects the Optimum Seismic team’s past achievements in sustainable design, which have been honored with the California Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award for taking a sustainable approach to community development and restoration. the environment within the 534 acres of Dos Lagos. development of use in the city of Corona.

Together with its sponsors, USGBC-LA has hosted over 150 programs with a combined total of over 11,000 participants in 2020. Optimum Seismic looks forward to continued progress in transforming Southern California into a region. more sustainable for all in 2022 and beyond.

In addition to becoming a Gold Sponsor, Optimum Seismic was a Champion Sponsor for the USGBC-LA Green Gala event held at Union Station in Los Angeles. The Green Gala event brought together more than 350 business and government leaders and others interested in securing a more sustainable future for the Los Angeles area.

Community involvement of Optimum Seismic

Community involvement was an important aspect of the Optimum Sismique team’s activities in 2021.

Optimum Seismic continued its financial support for the Los Angeles Metropolitan YMCA by donating $ 25,000 to programs designed to help individuals and families in the ongoing fight against food insecurity. Optimum Seismic also challenged other local businesses to make similar donations to the YMCA-LA. Other YMCA-LA programs provided holiday toys for children. Members of the Optimum team were on hand to help with these impactful programs in the Crenshaw, East Los Angeles, Maywood, Hollywood and Mid-Valley areas.

Other Optimum Seismic community engagement projects included: scholarships and membership in professional organizations for engineering students, support for programs advancing women and minorities in business, and support for local chambers of commerce and other organizations.

Optimum Seismic has also worked to strengthen 12 local nonprofit organizations in Southeast Los Angeles Collaborative (SELA) by sponsoring informational videos about their operations.

After making several advances despite the challenges faced by many companies in 2021, the Optimum Seismic team looks forward to continuing its momentum through 2022.

About Optimum Seismic, Inc.

The Optimum Seismic team has been making California cities safer since 1984 by providing comprehensive earthquake engineering, steel fabrication and construction services for multi-family residential, commercial and industrial buildings. With more than 3,500 earthquake-resistant modernization and renovation projects completed, Optimum Seismic’s work includes low-story multi-family apartments, unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings, and tilting non-ductile concrete and steel frame buildings. To arrange a free seismic resilience assessment of your building, contact Optimum Seismic at (833) 978-7664 or visit optimumseismic.com.

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