Magnitude 3.0 earthquake hits Kalaburagi in Karnataka


A magnitude 3.0 earthquake struck the town of Kalaburagi in Karnataka on Sunday.

A magnitude 3.0 earthquake struck Kalaburagi in Karnataka on Sunday. (Image for representation: Reuters)

A magnitude 3.0 earthquake was recorded in Kalaburagi on Sunday, the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Center (KSNDMC) said. The quake was felt at 6:05 a.m. northeast of Kodadur in Kalgi Taluk of Kalaburagi district, the statement said.

“According to the seismic intensity map of said epicenter earthquake, the observed intensity is low and the earthquake could be felt up to a maximum radial distance of 7 to 12 km,” KSNDMC said in a statement. There was no loss of life or property damage, officials said. KSNDMC said that this type of earthquake does not cause any harm to the local community, although slight tremors can be observed locally. No one needs to panic because the observed intensity is low and non-destructive, he added.

On October 1 and 5, light tremors with a magnitude of 2.5-2.9 were felt near Basavakalyan in Vijayapura. The area where the tremors were felt is near Latur and Killari, which experienced a severe earthquake in September 1993.

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Karnataka State Disaster Management Authority Commissioner Manoj Rajan told PTI that there were many factors behind the tremors, but there was no need to panic as it was acted with slight shaking.

However, he said there will be a brainstorming session with prominent geologists on seismic activities in the area very soon.

Deputy director of minerals administration Dr Lakshmamma said authorities were already on high alert following the earthquakes.

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“KSDMA officials are already alerted to this issue and are studying the phenomenon. We also asked senior and junior geologists in our department to determine if there was a disturbed area in terms of geological events in the past,” she told PTI. .

Lakshmamma said there was a need to raise awareness to minimize damage in the event of major seismic activity and added that she would speak to KSDMA officials in this regard soon.

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