In case of emergency: earthquake safety tips


Federal officials are using today’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake in the Mojave Desert to remind Californians of the importance of having an earthquake preparedness plan.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency indicates that such a plan should include:

– Drop down and take shelter under a desk or table, prepare to hold on until the shaking stops.

– Stay indoors until the shaking stops and it is safe for you to exit.

– Stay away from bookcases and other furniture that may fall on you.

– Stay away from windows and light fixtures.

– Make sure all family members know when and how to contact 9-1-1.

– Sketch a floor plan of your home by going through each room

and discuss the details of the evacuation.

– Plan a second way out of each room or area. So special

equipment is needed, mark where it is.

– Mark where your emergency food, water, first aid kits and fire are located

fire extinguishers are located.

– Store an ABC type extinguisher in an easily accessible place.

– Mark the location of switches or utility valves and learn

how to turn off your gas and water pipes, as well as electricity.

– Indicate the location of your family’s outdoor emergency meeting


– Keep several flashlights in easily accessible places around the

to house.

– Keep a wrench or shut-off tool in sealed packaging near the gas meter.

– Keep the fuel tank of your vehicle at least half full.

– Determine the safe spaces away from windows in each room of your house.

– Prepare a disaster kit, stock up on canned food, a first aid kit and have three gallons of water per person, dust masks, goggles, battery-powered radio and flashlights .

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Emergency supply kits should contain addresses, phone numbers, and evacuation sites for each place family members spend time, including schools, workplaces, etc. Ask family members to have a copy of this list, or contact card, in their wallets, purses, or backpacks.

You may need to take care of injured people or pets after an earthquake. First aid and CPR training can help. Contact your local section of the American Red Cross to become certified. After an earthquake, your family may be ordered to evacuate a damaged area. If you have pets, find out where you could shelter them if you need to evacuate.

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