How the Melburnians reacted on social media to the earthquake, “Like a truck crashed ahead”

Shocked Melburnians took to social media after this morning 5.8 magnitude earthquake, describing it as “so scary”, as if a “truck had crashed in front of” their house, and with jerks that made “everything roll in front of our eyes”.

Immediately after the earthquake at 9.15 a.m., images and videos of a collapsed building on Chapel Street in South Yarra, with bricks strewn across the street, quickly began circulating on social media.

ABC News footage showed presenters Michael Rowland and Tony Armstrong in a state of confusion as their studio shook.

As the cameras flicker, Rowland asks, “Is this an earthquake or a structural thing?”

Rising from her seat, Rowland says “Let’s go” and suggests everyone get out of the building.

“It was a big problem,” he adds.

Some Twitter users as far as Adelaide, 725 kilometers northwest of the Victorian capital, have claimed to have felt the earth moving under their feet.

After the Melbourne earthquake

Closer to Melbourne, Richard N from Geelong posted on Twitter: “The whole house shook a lot. I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

“Direct hit on my house, everything is rolling before our eyes, my children loved it!” Catriona Rowntree wrote on Twitter.

“I thought a truck had crashed in the front. The house shook badly for a good twenty seconds and my bed moved across the room near Rye. The three children slept through,” he said. added Eliza Who.

The ski resort of Mount Buller, located near the epicenter of the earthquake, shared video showing the moment the ground rolled under the feet of a group of skiers.

Fortunately, no one has lost ground. No avalanche was reported.

Some Twitter users joked that an angry French government must have taken action after Australia unilaterally withdrew from a $ 90 billion submarine deal last week, causing diplomatic fallout major.

In a photo shared on Twitter, a user documented the carnage inside a chemical warehouse.

As another Melburnian filmed the moment the earthquake started shaking her three story apartment!

In another video posted to Twitter, a man quietly doing yoga at home, holding a plank, jumped to his feet in surprise when the earthquake struck.

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