Haitians attack relief vans, steal food after earthquake


Haitians rushed into vans full of provisions, stealing food and various demands on Friday because the country’s leaders rushed to provide relief every week after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the nation. impoverished.

The earthquake left more than 2,200 injured and 12,000 injured in the southwest of the country.

Many Haitians who invaded rescue vans in the port city of Les Cayes said they were left homeless by the earthquake that struck last Saturday, according to an Associated Press report.

“I have been here since yesterday, unable to do anything,” said Zephaniah Numa, who was waiting outside the global support center near Camp-Perrin, according to the telegram. “I have other people waiting for me to come back with something.”

An AP photographer noticed people stealing foam mattresses from a truck parked at a Red Cross compound, while others stole food, said Jean-Michel Saba, an official for the Red Cross. Haitian Civil Security Society. Another photographer saw a group of men pulling huge bags from a half-open container truck in the small town of Vye Terre.

Residents ask for a donated bag of rice near a truck loaded with relief supplies in Vye Terre, Haiti, August 20, 2021.
AP Photo / Fernando Llano
A lady leaves with a package she was able to receive when a truck loaded with relief supplies was passed by locals in Vye Terre, Haiti on August 20, 2021.

Some of the vans that were looted belonged to the US organization Food for the Poor. The vans were carrying loads of water, rice and beans.

The earthquake shattered roads and bridges, slowing the distribution of emergency food and medical supplies, officials said.

On Wednesday, more than 300 people were still missing, at the head of the civil protection of the southern province, which includes the city of Les Cayes.

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