“Earthquake Alert” warnings in At a Glance appear on the Pixel


Last Thursday, early adopters started seeing “Connected devices” information for Bluetooth headphones at the top of the Pixel Launcher and on the lock screen. Google is now rolling out an “Earthquake Alert” warning to At a Glance.

This capability was announced as part of the March feature drop alongside the aforementioned Bluetooth connection status/battery level, personal safety security check countdown, and “reminders for turn off your alarm if the next day is a public holiday”.

We originally speculated last week that all four new features might not be activated and the other three might already be live if you already have “connected devices” on your device. The appearance of “earthquake alert” clearly means that another ability justified a standalone preference. At a Glance explains that you receive an “alert when an earthquake greater than magnitude 4.5 is detected nearby.”

Update: “Safety check” is also being rolled out.

This is the same threshold used to trigger Android’s built-in “earthquake alerts” (Settings app > Security & Emergency) that take over your screen. Enabled by default, seen on a Pixel 6 Pro (Android 12 QPR3 Beta 1.1) in California. The state (along with Oregon and Washington) uses the USGS ShakeAlert system, while Android also offers its own crowdsourcing system. This warning joins severe weather alerts in AAG.

We have yet to see it appear in At a Glance on other devices this afternoon. It reveals that Google appears to be rolling out the new AAG feature in a rather piecemeal fashion, as the appearance of the earthquake alert was not accompanied by connected devices, which are not yet widely deployed. (The Android System Intelligence update to S14 or the April security patch did not result in a wide rollout).


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