California Hospitals Reduce Reach, Delay 2030 Earthquake Safety Standards


The California Hospital Association is seeking to refocus the state’s seismic safety requirements of 2030 on “emergency” departments alone and is asking for more time to achieve compliance for buildings housing other hospital departments.

The request comes as the association says hospitals across the state face financial pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic. State hospitals saw a net loss of $ 8 billion in 2020, including federal financial relief, according to the association. Another loss of $ 2.2 billion is expected this year, according to the lobby.

“Following the lessons of the past year, it’s time for state lawmakers to take a fresh look at a 1990s state law that will impose both billions of dollars in costs on hospitals and, if it is not changed, will result in the closure of hospitals. across the state, ”the association said.

The organization called on the state legislature to pass a proposal that would ensure that California’s hospital seismic requirements for 2030 are only fully operational on buildings that provide “emergency” services. It would also give hospitals until 2037 to comply with other requirements.

The California Nurses Association said in a July 12 Press release he opposes the proposal.

“Every day we are further delaying compliance, we are risking people’s lives,” the statement said. “The real goal of corporate hospitals is to evade the entire 2030 seismic safety standard and leave us all unprotected. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the deadly tragedies that occur when hospitals are unprepared for disasters and emergencies. don’t let hospitals make the same fatal mistake twice. “

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